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Fishing for Mystery

Speaking of Faith once again had an outstanding interview with James Prosek about fishing, nature and faith, Fishing With Mystery. Here’s the description:

James Prosek is a 33-year-old artist, writer, and fly-fisher who has always, as he puts it, found God “through the theater of nature.” From a young age he has been fascinated by trout, and now eel — which he sees as “mystical creatures” — and he’s captured them physically and artistically, by way of both angling and paint. We explore the sense of meaning and ritual James Prosek developed along the way, including his concern with how we humans limit our sense of other creatures by the names we give them. We’ll also hear the words of Henry David Thoreau, Bruce Chatwin, and Izaak Walton.

After hearing this interview I’m ready to buy all of this guy’s books and a Patagonia shirt with one of his trout watercolors on it. I was captivated.


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