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Weekly Sausage Links


I scour the internet for you the faithful reader to find bits and bobs. Then I put them into the Jesus meatgrinder and crank out your weekly sausage links:

As Food Costs Rise, So Do School Lunch Prices

Rabbis Debate Kosher Ethics at Meat Plant

Harvest Home Brings it Home

New Vision for a 21st Century Food, Farm & Agriculture Policy

True Cost Pricing the Food on the Table

Federal court blocks beef exporter from testing for mad cow disease

Marion Nestle contemplates the recent CDC report showing that, despite the childhood obesity epidemic, about 80% of public schools still sell snacks or sodas to kids during school hours.

Thrifty Thursday – Five Ideas for Using Up Leftover, Cooked White Rice

Cultivating the Web free online resource for finding sustainable, local, and organic produce from Eat Well Guide

Go Green by Doing Good

The invisible workers: A Labor Day tribute: a week late, but worth remembering.

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