Together At The Table


Together at The Table is an excellent article from Grist writer Kurt Michael Friese that has some classic lines in it…

In reference to the beating corporate giants get for “greenwashing” he says, “We should show them the next step, not attack them for taking the first one.”

And this one, “rethinking the food system involves conversation and sharing, not proselytizing or drumbeating.”

This one that pertains to me in particular, “Of course, my wife reminds me that I can’t change the oil in my car or fill out a 1040EZ. Different people fixate on different things — and (I’m told) not all of them are food-related. I get it.”

The whole concept of the article reminds me of an aspect of the Bible we have not yet touched on, table fellowship. The thing that was so controversial about Jesus eating with tax collectors, sinners, and gluttons was that sharing a table with someone was seen as condoning and affirming them. We often feel the same way about those we disagree with, and Friese hits the nail on the head when he says, “We need to be inviting people of all kinds to come to the table.” Amen.

photo from grist article.