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Read the Directions Or How Not to Eat Flaxseed Oil

I have recently learned more about Omega-3 fatty acids. Over time as diet crazes and nutritional science decided that all fats were bad they eliminated all fats from our foods. At one point they realized that we needed Omega-6 fatty acids. So they made sure to keep that essential fatty acid, but got rid of Omega-3 because they assumed it was unnecessary or bad. Turns out Omega-3 is an essential component of our nutrition. Its absence in our diet may be responsible for ADHD and numerous other mental and physical problems that are increasingly common.

Certain fish are a natural source of Omega-3. You can also buy supplements of fish oil or flax seed oil in pill or liquid form to get your requirement of Omega-3. So we recently bought a bottle of flaxseed oil to add to various dishes for us and our kiddos. Well, I thought I’d make sure I got my daily dose by adding it to my cereal this morning. So I went ahead and dumped 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil over my raisin bran.

I mentioned it to my wife who said, “How much did you add?!?!??”

ME: 2 tablespoons.”

WIFE: “You’re only supposed to have 2 teaspoons!!”

ME: “Oh well… I guess I’ll make up for all those years without Omega-3.”

WIFE: “That’s not the way it works! Ohmigosh!!”

ME: (After beginning to eat the cereal) “Oh man this is not good.”

WIFE: “Don’t eat all of it. You probably shouldn’t drink the milk.”

ME: “I hope I don’t get sick.”

So, I ended up tossing out over half of the bowl of cereal, which is a lot because I always pour heaping bowls. So make sure you get your Omega-3, but please read the directions first. I don’t want anyone ODing on flaxseed or fish oil.

2 comments on “Read the Directions Or How Not to Eat Flaxseed Oil

  1. I prefer to use ground flax seed and grind the kernels each time I use ’em during breakfast. This way, I don’t miss out on the dietary fibers that is packed with the husk. One tablespoon of flax seed sprinkles a day is a good start up but wait till the body gets used to the omega 3 content before stepping up to additional servings.


  2. Martin_Lack

    Hi Lucas – For some strange reason this post appears in the referrals section of my Site Stats page (impying you or someone visited my blog from here). However, two things: (1) I had no idea you had been blogging on this WWJE theme for so long; and (2) go to the top of the class for being years ahead of Ben Goldacre in Bad Science!


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