Straight From Charagua

I’ve been spending some of my free time in Charagua writing and thinking about a lot of different issues related to conversations here on the blog, books I’ve read and my work with Low German Mennonites and Guarani people on water and agriculture issues. I’ve stacked up a couple months worth of posts that will trickle out here on the blog every Monday and Wednesday. I encourage you to continue to share your thoughts and reactions in the comments and hopefully start some discussions amongst yourselves. I, however, will not be able to participate. My only access to the internet is a sporadic internet café and some Canadian friends in the pueblo. The connection is too slow to do much more than check email and read the headlines.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through ideas about development and simple living. After processing a lot of the things that have to do with our work and experience in Bolivia, I have gotten back to the Food in the Bible series which I am very excited about. I have finished the book of Exodus and delved into Leviticus. In the past I have alternated between the Old and New Testament to keep things interesting. I will probably continue this method, but probably only after finishing an entire book. This exploration of the Bible with the lens of food, agriculture and consumerism was the impetus for creating this blog and has proven fruitful in the past (to me if no one else). I pray it will continue to bear good fruit and provoke good thoughts, questions and discussion.

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