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Farm Update

Well, I just got back from the New Baptist Covenant meeting in Norman, OK where I realized that in order to bring the farm to the people we needed a) some live animals/compost/plants and b) free food (fair trade chocolate, farm produce, fair trade soda etc.). Next time…

The school year is fast approaching which means lots of work getting fall planting and school gardens ready. New interns are coming this week so there will be lots of activity and changes in our community.

I’ll tell you the truth… The thing that has me most stressed out is finding a job after the farm. I recently was told by someone from a missions agency that the positions were a little sparse right now due to the economy. Other organizations have said they won’t be sending new people for at least a year or two. There are some potential jobs here in Waco, but it’s that time of year when I get antsy about knowing what’s next.

Every time I start getting too stressed out I pray the Jesus Prayer, “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” over and over until I feel better. The other thing that encourages me in the midst of my anxiety is life on the farm. I feel a lot more confident in growing my own food or trying to raise chickens in my backyard. I know there are a lot more ways that I can help my family be self-sufficient, simplify and live on less. That means a) less money for the government coming from me (most of which goes to fight wars and build bombs) and b) a simpler more just life for my family.

I’m also continuing to learn to trust that if I am faithful God will provide. That doesn’t always mean easy or abundance, but it means I will persevere and my family will eat. Even as I write those words I’m all too aware of those for whom this formula does not hold true. Being faithful also means figuring out how to make it possible for others to eat and survive who can’t today. In doing so it seems God does provide, even if it’s through my tilling the soil.

2 comments on “Farm Update

  1. Be encouraged Lucas. GOD will make a way where there is no way. It may not be the normal, expected path, but some of us are called to blaze trails.

    I struggle everyday with the conflict of trusting GOD for our needs and trying to step out in obedience to the things He’s called us to that don’t exactly pay the bills.

    My prayer for you (and us) is clarity to hear Him and a heart of trust in His goodness despite our circumstances.



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