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(More) Weekly Sausage Links

180px-Sausage_making-H-1.jpgEnjoy the extra sausage!

The Meat Edition:

Is It Possible to Be a Conscientious Meat Eater?

Climate Friendly Dining: Meats

Is Ethical Meat Eating an Oxymoron?

Shining light on beef labels

Meat: It’s What’s For Meat Dinner

The Future of Food: The No-kill Carnivore

Surprising News About Grass-Finished Beef

The Rest:

The Politics Behind Your Child’s School Lunch

Slow Food in Cambodia

Organic 2.0

Another reason why Chipotle is my favorite chain restaurant

Growing hope in San Quentin

Yellow is the new green

Vilsack says USDA must sharpen focus on civil rights

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