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Weekly Sausage Links


I scour the internet for you the faithful reader to find bits and bobs. Then I put them into the Jesus meatgrinder and crank out your weekly sausage links:

One Country’s Table Scraps, Another Country’s Meal

Interesting convergence of the war on drugs and asparagus

The trouble with Teflon

Déjà chew: The food price crisis in context

What do the Numbers on Your Fruits and Vegetables Mean?

In Vitro Meat, a ‘More Humane Treat’

Houseplants to fight toxins

Nutrient Study Challenges Raw Foodism

Free Markets and Food Markets: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sticker Shock in the Organic Aisles

Your Ethical OJ Options

Make Bread Not War, Egypt President Tells Army

Conserve Water Through Food Efficiency, Says Report

The Rise of the ‘Locavore.’ in BusinessWeek

Food crisis has changed game on beating poverty

Update on Burger King: BK agreed to raise the price it pays for tomatoes by 1.5 cents a pound.

Houseplants to fight toxins

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