image (2)She envisions “a new economy based on smallness” made up of independent businesses and decentralized farms that work cooperatively, invest in each other, and pay attention to a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Through her work at the Social Venture Network, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies BALLE, and other organizations, she has spent decades working to realize this vision. “We’re out to create a global system of human-scale, interconnected, local, living economies that provide basic needs to all the world’s people,” she writes. “To put it simply, we believe in happiness.”

via The Economy of Smallness: Making Economic Exchange a Loving Human Interaction by Abby Quillen — YES! Magazine.

2 comments on “The Economy of Smallness

  1. daytonland

    Actually that thought was expressed in the early 2000′ s by. an economic theologian at Shreiner University. He discussed the idea of creating self sustaining communities who would rely on their neighbors to provide what they did not .  .  

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    • Totally possible. Do you know the name of the economist/theologian? It’s not a new idea, but maybe it’s starting to catch on as we realize our lifestyles are not sustainable.


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