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And Now For Some Good News…

America’s population and economy are both growing, yet its energy appetite is falling. That’s because of substantial energy-efficiency gains made in recent decades.Those gains are helping the country reduce oil imports, save money on power bills, and move toward meeting a goal set by President Obama of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent between 2005 and 2020.

via For energy efficiency, Americans deserve a big thumbs-up | Grist.

2 comments on “And Now For Some Good News…

  1. if we’re not careful to focus on the goal, we are likely to use those efficiencies to use more fossil fuels. If we can reduce so much just through innovation of better technologies imagine what would happen if we really developed a conscience about how we used fossil fuels?


    • That’s why I am usually so gloom and doom. I am cynical about our ability to keep that long term goal in mind. I was trying to be a little more positive for just a moment, but you are exactly right.


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