Brilliant, insightful and helpful commentary on Christopher Columbus and his silly little holiday.

Christopher Columbus was awful but this other guy was not – The Oatmeal.

2 comments on “Happy Bartolome Day

  1. Martin Lack

    Unless you are noble enough to be descended from First Nations, you have Christopher Columbus to thank for your existence at all. Sure, someone else would have stumbled upon North America eventually but, given the World as it was then, they would likely been just as unpleasant (from our modern perspective). Things could also have worked out better (no Louisiana Purchase, no Civil War, etc.) but, if so, your parents might never have met; and you might therefore not have been born. So, with the greatest of respect, I suggest you find something more important to complain about…


  2. Thanks for the comment, but I will respectfully disagree. You want me to ignore historical injustice based on whether or not I would exist if things were different? That’s not much of an argument. I’m confused by your comment.

    I believe that the atrocities committed in the Americas by European colonizers continue to have a legacy in our culture, practices, worldview and mentality. Learning from the past is the only way to move forward. We continue to ignore our imperial and violent past.

    Not sure why I would have to be First Nations to bring up atrocities done to them. I also don’t see the comic or anyone else arguing for going back in time and rewriting history. This is not a post in support of Back To The Future 4: Columbus Goes Down!

    We celebrate a national Holiday in USA about a man who does not deserve to be celebrated. I grew up in our public education system and was taught that Columbus was a saint. What I love about the comic is that it points out other colonizers who are much more laudable examples. Did you read it to the end?


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