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“Don’t Call It a Comeback…

… I’ve been here for years.” –LL Cool J

I’m not sure what exactly i would be coming back from or what I would come back to, but I can say that I am planning on more frequent blogging in the near future. Some of the changes in my life will surely open up space for that. I’m also going to take it slow. This has become a place for more long form in depth thinking about issues than the link-y, trendy, traffic-y appetites I had when I first started blogging. That has been a more healthy and helpful pace.

To start I am going to post once a week. Here are some of the things I’m thinking of exploring:

0800623290hGod, The Economist
by M.Douglas Meeks
This book really blew me away and I need to read through it again and process it. Very in-depth exploration of the God concepts driving our economic theory and a political theory of God. Very relevant for how to approach economic problems as Christians and incorporate our theological framework into a practical way of living life together. As always economics is just the way we decided to arrange and organize our lives together. This book unpacks that and then some.

Making Peace With the Land by Norman Wirzba and Fred Bahnson
This little book is a good introduction to thoughts on food and faith. I won’t spend a lot of time on it, but there were a couple insights worth exploring.

Eucharist and Human Liberation by Tissa Balasuriya
This is a book I found in my church’s library and have been waiting to read for a while. Tissa Balasuriya was a Catholic priest and theologian from Sri Lanka. Interested to hear what it adds to some of my previous thoughts on the eucharist (Consumerism, Industrial Food and the EucharistEucharist as Eat-inTransforming the Body and Attachment and Detachment)

We continue to learn and grow with our community, exploring what it means to live life together and try to embody a different way of being, an alternative economics and a radical faith. With all it’s ups and downs it has proven both more difficult and more fruitful than I imagined.

Practical Wisdom
Even as Edible Lawns passes on to a new chapter in someone else’s hands, I am busy growing things in my yard, building coops and experimenting with various ways to live out what I believe. My wife just braided the garlic we grew and it is hanging in our kitchen as a beautiful reminder of God’s grace and provision. I want to continue to share that here and find new ways to educate, empower and encourage others to pursue sustainability.

Til next time…

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