LivingMoreWithLess2010My good friend Michelle is starting a blog about being Mennonite with an eating disorder called More With Much Less. I love her willingness to, not only be vulnerable, but laugh at herself and approach being Mennonite, living in community and her own disorder with a sense of humor and play. Here’s her summary of what she’s up to:

“I intend to read [More With Less] and cook one of the recipes each week and blog about my experience.  You might wonder what the point of this is.  Sometimes, I wonder the same thing.  But I think it is important as Mennonites and other Christians think about the ethics of food, hunger, and the poor, that we do not shape the conversation around the idea of guilt.”

I’m very excited about her project and how it might overlap and inform the work and thinking that I’ve done on the ethics of eating here. Maybe I’ll have her guest post over here on something. So, add it to your reader and saddle up.

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