Occupy FOX

Watch the interview that FOX would not air… reasons for which will become obvious when you watch it.

3 comments on “Occupy FOX

  1. Martin_Lack

    Hi Lucas,

    Thanks for posting this. Brilliant timing, for me at least, having just watched the award-winning 2010 documentary, Inside Job, brilliantly narrated by Matt Damon, which tells the story of how a de-regulated financial sector has led to 30 years of instability and 4 financial crises (so far). It’s like a real-world version of the Bourne Identity – only without a happy ending. And still, nothing has been done to stop it happening again.

    Did the film lead to the protest? It sure should have done. Has it led to calls for limited re-regulation, I hope so. Will it lead to anyone being put in prison? I doubt it. I think I will have to start an online petition to make it compulsory viewing for kids in high school here.


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