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And Now For Some Lite Muzak…

So, I also enjoy playing, writing and performing music. I’ve been writing songs for almost 20 years now, but that only means I’ve written enough bad songs to get lucky a few times. I’ve written a couple of songs, since moving to Bolivia and thought it would be nice to share them with the thronging masses… mostly my mom and a couple friends, but I can dream. Considering they were all recorded on Garage Band on my Macbook, the quality is not too bad. I used a cheap guitar we bought here in Bolivia and did all the songs in one take. I monkeyed with levels, filters, compression etc. on Garage Band to get the best sound I could from a laptop microphone and our kitchen.

The Last Supper
I actually wrote this song when we lived at the World Hunger Relief farm. It’s kind of a summary of my theology of food and the Eucharist.

Thought of Something Else
This is the first song I wrote in Bolivia. It’s based on a poem by Wendell Berry.

I’ll Fly Away
This hymn is fun to play in a fast-paced bluegrass style, but it always made the words and theology sound very escapist. I made my own arrangement and slowed it down. I think it reflects a better theological outlook about the hope of heaven more in the vein of slave songs of the southern United States and black liberation. I really enjoy playing this song this way.

A Good Place to Start
I just wrote this song in the last couple of weeks after listening to a lot of Avett Brothers and thinking about how followers of Jesus live in two worlds, or kingdoms. Living out faith and trying to make the world a better place seem to be inherently messy endeavors. This song is an attempt to find a good place to start.

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