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Hasta Luego!

Well, tomorrow we move to Charagua and will not have internet while we are living there. This means I will probably not be able to engage in conversation and dialogue in the comments, facebook or elsewhere for a long time. Hopefully my ideas will not just get farther and farther out there without my conversation partners to hold me accountable, but it’s certainly possible. I’ll be doing more reading, praying and even some working which will keep me connected to the place where these ideas and theories meet the messiness of reality.

I’m also hoping that this will lead me to focus more on the Food in the Bible series, which I will post when I am in the city scheduling them over time (about two posts a week). There may be some gaps with a lot of silence around here. That’s just me enjoying the birds, planting some seeds, building a compost pile or clearing a pasture. Feel free to be quiet with me or visit some other lonely corner of the internet. I’ll be back when I can. It’s hard for extroverts like myself, desperate for the approval of others, to listen, learn and pray for it’s own sake. So, I pray that my time spent in Scripture, prayer, reading, planting, harvesting, talking, listening and learning will be fruitful.

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