2898238138_5e3c0a46a3_m.jpgI recently posted about my experiment at the farm creating a greenhouse heated only by rabbits and vermicompost. ‘Tis the season for bunnies, Easter and all. The gospel is something very earthy for me, so it always seems that there must be some connections here.

We have some cheesy Christian children’s books that talk about why it’s okay to do easter eggs and chocolate bunnies for Easter, even though they’re probably pagan. Even Fat Albert’s Easter Special gets that the merging of pagan symbolism with Christian theology is really about new life.

It is that time of year and I don’t think I’ve every appreciated spring so much. We’ve been having baby goats for almost a month now. Today we learned about grafting and pruning fruit trees. We practiced on peach trees that were blooming and beautiful. Everything is greening and growing. This afternoon I noticed that the tree shading a swing at the farm was covered in leaves and berries. Life seems to be busting out everywhere.

There’s really no way to neatly sum this up in theological statements. This is about poetry, music and raw experience. One thing I’ve really felt here is the power of experience and life beyond our ability to describe it with propositions or doctrine. Poetry is powerful because it moves us beyond the words on the page to an experience, a feeling, an emotion that connects at a deeper level. The new life of spring does that. I think the resurrection does that as well. The connection of pagan symbolism and the climax of the liturgical calendar doesn’t trouble me. In many ways it makes sense. The way that heating a greenhouse with rabbits instead of blowing up mountains so I can plug in a heater makes sense.

I can’t adequately describe for you this connection between greenhouses and Easter, between baby goats, peach blossoms and the resurrection. The only way to really catch it is to go outside, feel the sun on your face, notice the life all around you, look for cracks in the sidewalk and baby goats at your feet. Then you might notice that Jesus is alive.

Picture from flickr user rahel_jaskow

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