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God’s Problem

I don’t agree with all (or maybe much) of what Bart Ehrman has to say, but it’s worth the conversation. His book God’s Problem is coming out in paperback. There’s a video below announcing it. It takes on the issue of theodicy, or the problem of evil, and how we deal with it. This issue is central to dealing with social justice issues in our theology. I feel like a better theology answering these kinds of questions would go a long way toward the church being more like the kingdom of God. So, for what it’s worth…

(full disclosure: i get a free copy of a book i’m pretty sure i won’t enjoy, agree with or maybe even read. so there you go)

2 comments on “God’s Problem

  1. (Pssst…that’s a different book.)


    • hmmm… you’re right. that’s the video they linked to, but it’s for Jesus Interrupted. Maybe it’s because that’s the one coming out in paperback. If I get to the bottom of this I’ll let you know. Otherwise… please continue living your life.


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