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Top Posts of 2009

This is year #2 for WWJE? and it has been an interesting and instructive year. Moving to World Hunger Relief and reading the Ishmael trilogy being the two craziest things that happened… in my head at least. Here’s the top posts from this year according to the wordpress machine and edited by me based on comments and my own bias, in no particular order of reverse importance.

10. The Agricultural Amway

9. The Gospel of Guerrilla Gardening

8. Ode to Compost

7. Sabbath as Creation Care

6. Relocation and Reorientation

5. The Righteous Rich

4. The Original Sin of Agriculture: Knowledge of Good and Evil

3. Joseph’s Experiment With Redistribution

2. Transforming the Body

1. Turkey D-Day

Honorable mentions:

Industrial Churches

Synergistic Motivational Speaking at USDA Listening Session

The Myth of the Biblical Worldview

The Gospel of Compost Tea

Happy New Year!

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