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Life Together On the Farm

So, I’ve been waiting to lead devotions at the farm on what it means to be an intentional Christian community and what that looks like particularly for the farm. I’m excited and a bit nervous, actually, about the conversation. I think wrestling with what it means for us to live in human community has enormous implications for how we relate to our food and the earth. I’m hoping the conversations this week will extend to this blog. Here are the questions I hope to explore. Perhaps you can share your thoughts…

  • What is community? What are the things that make something community rather than a collection of individuals? What are the essential elements?
  • What is Christian community? What does it mean to be a specific kind of Christ-following community? How is it different than other communities?
  • What characteristics and values do we need for community to function and thrive?
  • What are the strengths we bring to community? What are the weaknesses? What baggage do we bring to community life?
  • What practices are helpful for maintaining the life of the community? What are practical ideas that would help us?

I’m going to read some scripture each day to give us some ideas and resources to think about. I’m going to try my best to primarily facilitate and ask questions. I know it will be helpful and transformative to me. I hope it will also be helpful and transformative and helpful for WHRI as they continue to learn and grow what it means to be a Christian community committed to the alleviation of hunger around the world.

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