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This past week has been a whirlwind of activity and adventures. I’m completely exhausted and ready for a mundane week on the farm doing chores and getting dirty. We drove to San Antonio a week ago for the Farm and Food Leadership Conference. You can read about the sessions here, just search “farm and food”, or #farmandfood09 on twitter. After just over a day back on the farm we left for Texas Lutheran University in Seguin where I preached at chapel (mp3 available soon from the ChapelCast, hopefully) and was part of a panel on environmental sustainability with two other TLU alumni. We stopped by the Texas Agricultural Education and Heritage Center on our way out of town and wandered the grounds. Yesterday we took the kids to the Waco Cultural Arts Festival all morning and now I need an extra weekend to recover from all that time away from real work at the farm.

Our next adventure will be October 1-4 when we head to Lost Maples for a family camping vacation to celebrate Sarah’s birthday.

While I was gone it appears that nature continued doing her thing. The edamame and beans have shot up and the carrots are sprouting. I saw at least two butternut squash growing and I’m sure some melons are hiding in there. Lots of weeding needed for the beans, but they are doing well. Hopefully, we’ll get some romaine planted this week and cover crops on the other half of the plot. Our education garden badly needs some attention. Luckily we have lots of help and “many hands make light work.” Becoming a farmer not only makes me swear more often, but also use old sayings like that one as if I’ve said it all my life. Now to find a good pair of overalls and a cowboy hat that fits my style.

A few pictures from my garden…




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