compostLeaf and rind sit silent
atop the pile of waste
lifeless leftovers lingering
piled together in an organic grave

still sits the mound
quietly surveying the hum of activity
planting, watering, tending, milking, feeding, pruning,
harvesting, dancing, laughing, weeping, hoping

productivity surrounds the pile of refuse
restlessness judges the contemplation of the silent observer
yet in the inner life of that monastic pile
deep in the caverns of trash
the wet sponge of death is wrung out
hyssop and sour wine mixed with goat’s milk and honey

beyond knowing and seeing
the pile teems and turns with
societies of decomposition
This civilization of death and decay
brings life

There is magic at work in the rotten stench
There is mystery to behold
in the watchman of the farm

3 comments on “Ode to Compost

  1. What a fab blog. Thankyou. Love the poem and picture above – and would love to use it it in some free web based notes for a course called “Living the Questions” (there is a website you can check). If that would be okay with you, please let me know. We would reference it to this blog. Many thanks!


  2. Thankyou very much! It will eventually appear at:
    username: ltq
    password: magnet6
    hopefully in the Living it Out for session 20: creative transformation!!!


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