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Farm Update

It seemed this last week that I was constantly working on projects other than the ones I wanted or intended to work on. I’ve been trying to get a handle on our Education Garden for the Garden Club that will be meeting out here. I finally was able to weed and mulch a couple of the beds including one with sunflowers which resemble small trees. I never realized how spiky and dangerous sunflowers could be.

I harvested my first fruit from the African Okra, which was the first thing I planted at the farm. Yeah!!

I also finally got around to repairing the chicken coop. I have to say that repairing a chicken coop while the chickens are still around is a really crappy job… literally. Our chickens like to hang out a lot under our mobile chicken coops… exactly where I needed to work. So all morning it was a race to get done before they pooped all over the ground or, God forbid, in my eye. I certainly got my share of poop on me, but none in my hair or any orifices.

We’ve had new arrivals at the farm and a few days to get to know them. It’s interesting to see how the dynamics shift and change as people come and go. That’s all for now. It’s time to get dirty and sweaty again.

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