Initiating Foreign Aid Reform Act

Bread for the World recently made us at the farm aware of a bill in the House dealing with foreign aid reform HR 2139 (Initiating Foreign Aid Reform Act). It doesn’t take much research to realize that our foreign aid system is in desperate need of help. They are hoping to get 100 co-sponsors for the bill. Here’s the talking points from their email:

This bill is a good first step in making our nation’s foreign assistance more effective and streamlined:

  • It requires the president to develop and implement a comprehensive national strategy for global development and includes other reforms to make U.S. foreign assistance more accountable and transparent.
  • U.S. foreign assistance has helped reduce child deaths, improve agricultural capacity, and increase school enrollment. But more lives can be saved if we improve the way foreign aid is delivered.
  • By making our foreign assistance more efficient and effective, it will have a greater impact on poor and hungry people around the world. Please cosponsor this important reform bill, H.R. 2139.

You can go to Bread for the World’s website to find your representative’s number and give them a call. Please help us take this step toward ending hunger and poverty by making a phone call. I did and it only took a couple minutes.