Bees Harvest Honey News

Honey Harvest


Enough said really. We should end up with 20+ gallons of delicious local nectar of the gods. It was really cool and the flying insects didn’t bother me as much as I thought they would.

4 comments on “Honey Harvest

  1. yay a fellow garden person. I love gardens, pollenators, and dogs, not to mention Jesus and discovering Him.

    Lucas, good to see you doing so well. Blessings and Peace
    Mark Ritchey


  2. no full body suit?


  3. I didn’t go collect the hives. Two people had already worn the suits and sweat in them so they were still damp and it was 100+ degrees.


  4. Ooooh. Honey. But, it’s that honeycomb I’m envying. Yum.


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