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I’m not gonna lie anymore. Nothing is weekly or regular on this blog at the moment. I won’t pretend until that becomes a reality. Life is settling down some so that may come soon. I recently put together a plan for my internship which includes journaling via blogging twice a week. So the plan is to post one Food in the Bible and one Farm Update post each week. These will be cross posted at the WHRI blog.

The number one topic of conversation these days on the farm is the heat. Texas can be brutal and this summer is turning out to be a scorcher. We’ve had mostly 100+ days for the past 2-3 weeks. We’re scrambling to find extra shade and relief for all the plants and animals… not to mention ourselves. I grew up in Texas and in the past I would have been primarily concerned about keeping myself out of the heat and comfortable. At the farm we have to set aside our own comfort for the good of the whole system, plants, animals and soil.

It was a blessed morning this past Tuesday when I went to feed the chickens… in the rain. A cold front brought us a break with highs only in the 90s. Rain is usually an opportunity to hole up inside with a good book or movie and be lazy. At the farm it was a good day to be outside and enjoy a refreshing shower. I appreciate so much more the life and refreshment that the rain brings.

That morning I also remember praying and thanking God also that the rain is a reminder of our common humanity since it falls on the just and unjust alike. Now the sun gives us the same reminder as it beats down on us. This also a reminder that although God sends rain and sun equally to everyone, we have made sure that such equality does not continue. The homeless, poor and elderly are beaten down by the dangerous Texas heat while the wealthy relax in their air conditioning. Part of getting back to God’s intention may be suffering in the heat more as we also try to help those who have no choice.

Some recent highlights:

  • On our field trip to Stephenville we visited Tarleton Agriculture Center and Veldhuizen Texas Farmstead Cheese, and learned tons from both. Unfortunately we didn’t make it in time to get a tour and samples from Wiseman House Chocolates.
  • Urban Gardening Benefit Dinner w/ Angela Medearis was a big success. (We’re still enjoying the leftovers)
  • Matt Hess returned from a consulting trip to Malawi (report coming soon hopefully).
  • David Cole is in Haiti and will also hopefully have a report for us as well.
  • A farm contingent made their way to Bushnell, IL for the annual Cornerstone Festival put on by JPUSA. They should be back tomorrow.
  • Finally we will be at the New Baptist Covenant Regional Meeting in Oklahoma August 6-7. Mark your calendar you Baptist types!

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