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Twice Weekly Farm Update

We’ve now been here for five weeks (when will I stop counting?) and it’s hard to remember life before the farm. This place fits us very well. Here’s a few tidbits to update you on life and work at World Hunger Relief (now on twitter. okay, it’s me twittering, but still).

  • My goat milking skills have vastly improved. It may be my singing soft rock love songs to them that does the trick. Whatever works.
  • I’ve settled into my current role in charge of our local education outreach (tour groups, service learning + other office-like nonsense).
  • I’m currently absorbing “Storey’s Guide to Raising Poultry” since I am somewhat in charge of our flock of laying hens.
  • Re: above My skills at catching chickens is something to behold. I may have found my calling.
  • I’m working with some other interns on a graywater reuse system for our dormitory and getting the farm’s well and septic system up to code so we can get off that chemically enhanced city water.
  • May be attending the American Community Gardening Conference in Columbus, OH
  • Still looking for a job…

That’s the short of it.

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