Semi-Sometimes-Weekly Farm Update

My how time flies when you’re working on a farm. My last entry was ten days ago. So, apparently the blogging rhythm I was looking for has arrived and it is called sporadic or non-existent. The crazy thing is there is so much blog-worthy material:

Close Encounters of a Cross-Cultural Kind
Close Encounters of a Poultry Kind

I’m noticing a theme. Aliens and fowl…hmmm… I’ve been preoccupied with both farm work and personal matters involving our transition to the farm. Two posts a week, however, is not too much to ask for you my beloved reader (that means you, Carl). So let’s see if we can kick it up a notch this next week. Besides it is way too hot in Texas right now to be outside all day!

3 comments on “Semi-Sometimes-Weekly Farm Update

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t read this.


  2. Hey… I read your blog!


  3. oh yeah…. i knew their was one other person. nice new website btw.


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