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Moving to the Farm

This weekend we will be moving to the World Hunger Farm. It’s hard to believe that the day is finally here. We’ve done a lot of work just to make it possible for this change to happen in our lives.

I know I’m going to be overwhelmed with everything I’ll be learning at the farm, but I would like to try and process the journey here on the blog. So, I think I will add a Weekly Farm Update to keep you posted. Certainly other things will creep into the regular posting schedule, but a regular feature helps keep me grounded… so to speak.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you and processing my thoughts here.

2 comments on “Moving to the Farm

  1. Hey Lucas,
    I would love to feature your experiences at the World Hunger Farm on the Sustainable Traditions new (coming soon) blogazine – with links back to your blog.

    Let me know.
    Jason Fowler
    Sustainable Traditions co-founder


  2. Please do share you thoughts and experiences…and any fun stories like goats being born, etc. (That was the big story the last time i was out there..twins, almost right in front of a wide-eyed group of kindergarten kids…they were rushed back up to the main lodge!)


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