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Food in the Bible: Exodus 12:14-20;13:3-10

In the middle of the story we get these passages that tell us how the Passover should be celebrated and remembered. So, this is not the diary entry of Moses as he was getting ready for the Tenth Plague. This is the community’s way of reminding itself why it does what it does. The thing I really love about Passover in particular is the way that it is celebrated by successive generations, continuing today. When celebrating the Passover you say the words, “When we were in Egypt…” By celebrating this ritual you are called to enter into the story as if you were the one enslaved in Egypt and set free by the mighty acts of God.

The instructions for celebrating the Passover are repeated with slight variations in these two passages. The emphasis is that the discipline of removing the leaven from their house and eating only unleavened bread for seven days serves as a reminder to them of their history. It takes time to remind ourselves sometimes. That’s why Lent is my favorite season of the church year… weird I know. Only over time do these things sink in. If you have to remove something from your life and your house for an extended period of time, it upsets your routine and makes wrestle with that thing and its significance.

I’m not sure how in depth I will be able to go on some of these festivals without doing more serious research. So, I may skip over some of the mentions of food such as 12:46 because I don’t have anything to say of worth. If you are following along at home and notice I skipped something that seems important, you can assume I probably don’t know enough about it to comment.

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