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Food For Thought And Action

A new curriculum created by Michael Pollan on food sovereignty is now available Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum. Here’s the blurb about it:

The food sovereignty movement is an exciting grassroots movement that has developed internationally in response to the havoc wrought by the current food system, which has left nearly a billion hungry people around the world. Millions more are forced from failed farms as industrial agriculture privatizes and despoils our water, soil and biodiversity.

How can we respond to such a massive and urgent problem? The answer, according to small farmers, farmworkers, fishers, consumers, environmentalists and indigenous peoples throughout the world, is food sovereignty. And to generate an informed and vibrant movement for food sovereignty, we must first understand how the food system works, its failures, and the hopeful alternatives that are blossoming throughout the world. Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum does just that.

The curriculum is divided into four modules: one each for consumers, faith and anti-hunger groups, environmentalists and farmers, all designed to help:

  • Understand the ways in which current U.S. agricultural, trade and energy policies undermine the right of communities and nations around the world to determine their own food policies;
  • See how food sovereignty and locally based food systems rooted in social justice and environmental sustainability can be practical alternatives to unsustainable industrial agriculture;
  • Envision how people can act together across borders to build local food systems and pass fair agriculture, trade and energy policies.

The curriculum is free. You can download one module at a time, the fact sheets or the entire curriculum at

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