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Reflections and Resolutions

I found this excellent list of questions that caused me to reflect on my journey towards ethical eating and the year that looms on the horizon.

1. What new local food did you discover this year?

2. What bad food habit did you give up or replace?

3. What’s your most memorable meal of 2008?


Here’s my thoughts on each. Please share your own in the comments.

1. Every area in America (the world really) should have easily accessible sources of local food. I do not live in an area that does. I would have to drive at least an hour in any direction before I could find a farmer’s market or CSA. It’s true that local food is growing, but I’d be interested in seeing a map that showed access to local food sources within 100 miles or so. So, that’s a pretty negative answer…

2. This year we stopped buying bread from the store altogether. We only eat bread made in our bread machine. It feels wonderful to know that you have cut one item entirely out of your grocery list (of course we don’t have local sources for the ingredients yet). As my wife often likes to say, “It feels good to know exactly what’s in the bread, because I put it in there.”

3. I posted about the meal we had with our friends Tim and Kathleen in Seguin, TX when I was at my alma mater to preach at the chapel. It was entirely local and absolutely delicious. In the journey towards eating justly meals like this taste so good on many levels.

I’ll add one more question for you WWJE readers (both of you…mom and mike)

4. What are your goals/resolutions for eating ethically in 2009?

1 comment on “Reflections and Resolutions

  1. 1. Limit eating out. (Read: take my lunch to Truett..and cook at home)

    2. Pay attention to portion size so as to not buy/cook/waste food.

    3. Eat leftovers instead of “forgetting” about them and tossing them out.

    4. Live simply in order to spend less money so that I can in turn support my local food banks.


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