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Advent Harvest

I’ve been enjoying the advent devotions from Calvary Community Church in Washington, DC. This one for December 16 by Courtney Rice was especially pertinent to the theme of this blog.

Psalm 126

I heard a story once about a poor farmer who scrimped and saved to make ends meet, carefully rationing his family’s meager food supply. He only had a little grain left for the year, so you can imagine his young son’s distress when he found his father outside scattering his last handfuls of grain on the ground. “Daddy, why are you throwing away our food?” he cried. The farmer explained, “Son, if we eat this now, we will have nothing to eat next year. But by sowing it now, we’ll reap a harvest later.”

Psalm 126 is a reminder that those who sow in tears (give when it hurts) will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them. I’ve certainly never known poverty like the farmer in my story, but I do know how hard it can be to resist the impulse to hoard. As a new attorney with plenty of law school debt, I don’t have much extra money in my budget. It’s tempting to take the extra I do have and “eat it” (spend it on myself). As for my time, it’s tempting as a newlywed to save every moment of my spare time to be at home with my partner instead of giving my time to good causes. It can be the same way with my relationship with God. I confess that I tend to focus on the things I want from God, and spend less time offering myself to Him to do His Kingdom work.

This scripture is a great reminder that, when we choose to sow our seed in the Kingdom of God, it will not be in vain and we will reap a harvest. Take some time today to ask God what you’ve been holding back from Him, and pray that He will give you faith and hope in a joyful harvest.

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