Happy Fall Harvest!

Giant Zucchini carried by lego menWell, it’s what we slangily refer to as Turkey Day here in the continental 48. I’ve had my qualms and soapboxes on this genocidal holiday before (see my four walls circa 2004). But this year Barbara Kingsolver helped me with new lenses to look at this feast day. This is a truly American holiday. The food from start to finish is native to our land and comes in its proper season. That is something to celebrate!

So, as you’re digging in or reflecting back on that thanksgiving meal, remember that this is a time to be thankful for abundance, for the harvest being enough to last through the winter and for turkeys fat enough to eat. I’ve been particularly appreciating the squash (acorn and butternut) and sweet potatoes.

So, while I plan on being more realistic than legendary about American history with my kids, I also plan on celebrating Thanksgiving to the hilt as a feast worth celebrating with seasonal foods and thankfulness for enough.