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Should I Eat Flesh?

It’s official! We’re moving to Elm Mott, TX to intern at the World Hunger Farm. Lisa Simpson’s been a vegetarian for longer than I have, but here’s the conundrum. I haven’t eaten any animals (except the occasional fish) for about eight years. I’ve talked about some of my reasons before on this blog. My main conviction concerning my diet is about economics and justice.

The World Hunger Farm raises chickens, turkeys, goats and some cattle for meat. They raise them grass fed and free range. So, the conundrum for me is whether to start eating meat. I don’t have a lot of ethical objections to eating meat in these circumstances.

On the other hand, I’m only going to be there for a year and then may be who knows where. I’m also concerned about how to reintroduce meat into my diet.

What do you think dear reader? Should I take up eating the flesh of animals again?

3 comments on “Should I Eat Flesh?

  1. HOLY CRAP!!! Congrats!!! I couldn’t be more excited for the Lands. The farm will be such a perfect place for you guys and will benefit from y’alls presence.

    As far as eating meat, man that’s a conundrum. It seems that to create a sustainable practice you wouldn’t want to eat meat, so there’s that. But at the same time I don’t see the point in denying yourself the freedom of enjoying in meat food if you enjoy it, so there’s that. If you quit eating meat once, then certainly you can do it again. Also, whose to say that wherever you move there won’t be an opportunity for the occasional eating of meat under the “right” circumstances.

    Again, congrats and enjoy the change as much as possible.


  2. I watched “The Mad Cowboy” tonight and was quite impressed with this former Montana cattleman who becomes a vegan and goes on to Washington, DC, to speak up for farm animals and the need for Americans to do away with industrialized farming and to teach us about the dangers of eating meat. Let me know what you think about this by voting in my poll at Maybe you can skip a burger tomorrow.


  3. As a Christian, everything for me comes down to grace. Self-discipline is admirable but when anything becomes a law unto itself, it is dangerous for the pride and soul. As for food specifically, I think the Bible teaches to be dead to the world, dead to ourselves so a practical approach is best… enjoy what you have when you have it, and don’t covet it when you don’t… In other words, bend to the tide.


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