Should I Eat Flesh?

It’s official! We’re moving to Elm Mott, TX to intern at the World Hunger Farm. Lisa Simpson’s been a vegetarian for longer than I have, but here’s the conundrum. I haven’t eaten any animals (except the occasional fish) for about eight years. I’ve talked about some of my reasons before on this blog. My main conviction concerning my diet is about economics and justice.

The World Hunger Farm raises chickens, turkeys, goats and some cattle for meat. They raise them grass fed and free range. So, the conundrum for me is whether to start eating meat. I don’t have a lot of ethical objections to eating meat in these circumstances.

On the other hand, I’m only going to be there for a year and then may be who knows where. I’m also concerned about how to reintroduce meat into my diet.

What do you think dear reader? Should I take up eating the flesh of animals again?