Do I Have to Eat?

Day 27 - OSHI..Sometimes I think, “Is eating really necessary?” I’ll confess I’m addicted to Raisin Bran. It’s somewhat of a mystery, but it’s partly due to the speed at which I try to live life. (Maybe I should open a Cereal Bar) I’m usually in too big a hurry to actually make food for breakfast or lunch. It’s this very attitude that I want to fight against.

Is there a middle ground between being obsessed with food and functioning in our modern world? The solution for many is to go with the flow and just not think about it. For others they retreat to the country where they can control the pace of life, places like the World Hunger Farm and Homestead Heritage. Maybe the latter option is still a form of control that is not entirely healthy.

What about the millions and billions of people for whom neither of these options is really helpful? If they ignore the food, or lack thereof, they eat they will suffer the consequences, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure, or hunger and starvation. However, they cannot choose to buy organic local produce or start their own farm. Their choices are limited.

Clearly those with the choices must be the ones to make change. Yet somehow I still choose Raisin Bran…Go figure!

image from jsynnott.