Break Fast Time

Well, my fasting from the interwebs is over. To be honest I haven’t been overly excited to dive back in. Life has slowed down and I’m not interested in speeding it up. BUT there is something good about blogging about theology and food and life. I’ll try to take it down one more notch and put more thought and effort into my posts. I’ll probably still do a weekly links post because I find so many interesting articles and things to share. I’m hoping to focus more on what a theology of food contributes to the conversation about food and food issues. So, I’ll keep plugging away at the Food in the Bible series and focus more on connections between food issues and ethics related to Jesus, the Bible, faith, etc.

I will continue to blog about other non-food related ethical dilemmas for discussion at My Four Walls. Maybe that’s too schizophrenic…I don’t know. If you want to keep up with everything in one place go to That site sucks in all my twittering, facebook, flickr, blogging, etc.