Weekly Sausage Links


I scour the internet for you the faithful reader to find bits and bobs. Then I put them into the Jesus meatgrinder and crank out your weekly sausage links:

The Only Diet for a Peacemaker Is a Vegetarian Diet

The amazing miracle berry that makes everything turn sweet.

Five Great Websites for Farmers, Wannabe Farmers, and Consumers

Twenty Healthy Foods that Cost $1 or Less

Local Products or Fair Trade?

U.S. Mayors Vote to Rethink Bottled Water Contracts

Brides-to-Be Are Starving Themselves Skinny

Corn, Incorporated: The Ethanol Scam

Doctors Push Cholesterol Drugs on Kids

Taking the Food Crisis Personally

How Mad Cows and “Free Trade” Threaten Korean Democracy

Five Favorite Fictional Foods

What You Should and Shouldn’t Buy Organic

Conservative Support for Renewal of Food Culture

Bless the Hands that Prepare Our Food 

Washing Down the Food Crisis with Corporate-Trade Kool-Aid

Dookie in the Tomatoes– traces step-by-step the causes of our food
(i.e. tomatoes) becoming contaminated.

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