Freegan Solutions Why?

There IS Such a Thing as a Freegan Lunch

I mentioned freegans a while back on this post. Cory Doctorow recently suggested slightly tongue-in-cheek that airlines offer a freegan option for meals. For those unfamiliar with the concept these are basically people who choose to live off of the waste of the rest of us. They are dumpster connoisseurs. Now, you might think, “What’s the difference between this and being homeless?” First, homeless are not choosing to eat this way. Second, freegans are finding perfectly good food that is being thrown away. This reminds me of what my friend ray does, feeding the poor and homeless with leftovers from Olive Garden and Starbucks.

Is freeganism more than just a statement? Is it a philosophy of food to embrace as a solution? My own thought is that freeganism serves to highlight what is wrong with our food system. The people who practice it are like the prophets of old calling us out and pointing out our own hypocrisy. This is not a solution to the problems of our food system.

The picture below is all food that was found in dumpsters (via emoware). Thoughts?

food from a dumpster

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