A Day Without A Mexican

862230~A-Day-Without-a-Mexican-Posters.jpg I have actually seen the movie referenced in the title to this post, and was very disappointed. The reality of life without migrant workers, however, is playing out in real life for farmers across the United States. The New York Times recently had this story, With Migrant Workers in Short Supply, A Farmer Looks to Machines, about the lack of workers to harvest. Apparently there is also a shortage of workers in California where pears are rotting on the ground.

We haven’t gotten to the verses concerning how we should treat foreigners in our Food in the Bible series yet, but it is clear that we are commanded to treat them as citizens with compassion and justice. How that works itself out exactly in our particular context is up for debate, but Scripture is clear. In addition these stories highlight the reality of life without immigrants, both documented and undocumented, who do jobs most are unwilling to do and jobs we depend on every day.

(HT Down to Earth)