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Pluralism in Food Ethics

I linked to the Eat. Drink. Better. post recently. It got me thinking about this blog as it relates to other religions. Perhaps I need to find a Muslim brother or sister to start a What Would Muhammed Eat? blog. We could have an entire network of religious food blogs…

What Would Buddha Eat?

What Would Vishnu Eat?

What Would YHWH Eat?

We could also include our atheist and agnostic friends…

What Would I Eat? or What Would Dawkins Eat? This idea could really take off.

I do want to say that it is worth looking beyond our own religion/beliefs to find common moral and ethical ground with others. It is also good for this conversation about justice, poverty and food to hear perspectives that diverge from our own and engage in dialogue. Contrary to what some religious fundies will tell you morals, ethics and *gasp* even truth are not the exclusive domain of Christianity.

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