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Recipe: Lasagna-lada

With two kids ages 2 and 3 months we’re big fans of easy recipes that taste good and are relatively healthy. I am by no means a chef in the kitchen. My wife does most of the cooking and sticks to a lot of your simple dinners. We do love to try new foods and my wife loves to create new dishes from what’s around. Her leftover creations are generally spectacular. She hit the jackpot the other night and I told her to write it down. It’s a dead simple recipe that is easy to make. It is a crock-pot lasagna that we have dubbed… Lasagna-lada. A brilliant combination of Italian and Tex-Mex.

Cooking Time: 2 hrs

Ingredients: Lasagna Noodles, Alfredo Cheese Sauce, broccoli, black beans, Rotel (tomato and peppers), tomato slices, butter, salt and pepper

Cover bottom of crock pot with noodles. Cover with broccoli and beans. Spoon 1/2 of sauce over it. Layer more noodles and repeat. Layer more noodles and empty whole can of Rotel. Layer more noodles and cover with tomato slices. Salt and pepper the top and scatter butter around. When done grate cheese over the top of each serving.

Recipes probably won’t be a very regular feature around here. Eat. Drink. Better. usually has good recipes every week if that’s what you’re looking for. Oh…and I think we saw the Virgin Mary in one of the noodles. There, now it fits the theme of this blog. I guess it raises the question though, would you eat a noodle with the face of the Virgin Mary on it?

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