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Bananas: The Ergonomic Fruit

So bananas have been in the news a lot lately. Now it appears that everyone’s favorite childhood sitcom-actor-turned-evangelical-nutcase is trying to pimp that fruit as proof of God and evidence that evolution is a conspiracy concocted by atheists who want all of our children to be gay and to clone their grandparents and create a super-race of zombie fighters for Armageddon. You think that sounds ridiculous… ok it is ridiculous, but so is this video. Ladies and gentlemen! Straight from the crazy side of fundamentalism! I give you…the ONE…the ONLY… Kirk Cameron and his crew!

The gist is that this genius tells Cameron that “the banana is ‘the atheist’s nightmare,’ because it is so perfectly suited to the human hand that God must have created it expressly for our benefit.” Überblogger Kottke said, “Not that this guy cares or whatever, but the modern banana is a cultivated fruit…i.e. pressured by humans to, oh what’s the word…evolve into its present form. And other varieties of bananas are smaller or larger and differently shaped. Some wild bananas have large hard seeds. I could go on….”

This kind of stuff cracks me up. It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself, and Christianity provides lots of good fodder.

(HT: Boing Boing)

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