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Weekly Sausage Links


I scour the internet for you the faithful reader to find bits and bobs. Then I put them into the Jesus meatgrinder and crank out your weekly sausage links:

Farm Bill a Boon to U.S. Poor

As food prices shoot up, so do backyard gardens

Do Food Miles Matter?

Got weeds? Reach for the food processor, not the lawnmower

Hunger Prompting Desperate Acts

Top Ten Reasons To Go Vegetarian

Famine Looms as Wars Rend Horn of Africa

New breed of American emerges in need of food

Finding the Best Way to Cook All Those Vegetables

Cost of free food gets ever higher for pantries

Farm Bill editorials:

Rich harvest

A Disgraceful Farm Bill

Farm Bill Chestnuts

Reform the farm bill

“Leave our agricultural future to chefs and anyone who takes food and cooking seriously. We never bought into the “bigger is better” mantra, not because it left us too dependent on oil, but because it never produced anything really good to eat. Truly great cooking — not faddish 1.5-pound rib-eye steaks with butter sauce, but food that has evolved from the world’s thriving peasant cuisines — is based on the correspondence of good farming to a healthy environment and good nutrition. It’s never been any other way, and we should be grateful. The future belongs to the gourmet.”

-Dan Barber, NY Times, May 11, 2008

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