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World Vegetarian Week

They have a week for everything right? Well, this one is better than Return Shopping Cart to the Supermarket Month in my opinion. I’ve posted some pieces of my journey to vegetarianism. Alternet has their Top Ten Reasons To Go Vegetarian. I was interested in some people’s arguments for vegetarianism so I checked out PETA’s site and found some links to other Christian Vegetarian sites that were intriguing. I haven’t read through all their materials yet, but feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

My reasons tend to be more pragmatic than philosophical. I think we should respect animals as part of creation, but the Bible definitely doesn’t explicitly advocate vegetarianism or prohibit eating meat. For me it has more to do with issues of economics and justice. CAFOs are not just bad for animals, but for the people that consume what comes out of them. Our national obsession with meat is extremely wasteful in a purely economic sense (It takes so many pounds of grain to feed a cow to get a single pound of beef). Our obsession with corn leads to problems in our meat including E Coli which leads to the overuse of antibiotics which leads to the ineffectiveness of antibiotics to treat sick people. And round and round it goes.

When someone finds out I’m vegetarian they will sometimes joke, “You don’t think plants have feelings? What about them?” I used to say it’s because I like doing violence to plants that I’m vegetarian, not that I care about animals. Whether or not plants have feelings is beyond this post, but the reasons for being vegetarian run the gamut.

When I checked out PETA’s site I ordered their free vegetarian starter kit. What I got in the mail was a smallish magazine with pictures of Pamela Anderson and various and sundry celebrity endorsements for vegetarianism. I’m all for celebrating World Vegetarian Week, but can we all agree that celebrity endorsements are not a good reason to go veggie!

That is all.

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