What is Ethical Eating?

As I have filled my blog reader with a cornucopia of good food blogs, I’ve wondered what exactly I can contribute to the glut of information out there about food. It brings me back to the continuing question this blog poses, “What’s Jesus got to do with it?” So, I’m going back to the Bible in hopes of finding some help. I’d also like to start a more general series asking what it means to eat ethically today. We’ll draw in some biblical principles in order to understand what “ethically” means, but i’m sure people want to know how to apply this to their hectic complicated lives.

As always, though, ethics are never simple black and white propositions. Hopefully, we can explore the complex issues and find some help even if we don’t find all the answers. Here are some of the topics I thought we might cover.

  • Ethical Cooking
  • Waste Because of Haste
  • Sharing Meals
  • Ethical Meat
  • Eating Out
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Finding Local Food: Farmer’s Markets
  • Finding Local Food: Growing Your Own

Are there other things you have questions about? Other ethical eating conundrums that you would like to have answers for? Leave your questions in the comments and I’ll add them tot he list.

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