The Buzz About Bees


Bees have been making a lot of news lately. Scientists have been confounded by Colony Collapse Disorder (PDF), the seemingly random disappearance and collapse of whole hives of bees. Eat. Drink. Better. has a very good post that breaks down some of the issues related to honeybees.

It’s not well known that bees are absolutely crucial to our food system. Strange that people don’t realize this, because that is how nature works. Bees pollenate all kinds of plants that provide us with food, like almonds, fruit, etc. In my understanding their are not really anymore wild colonies of bees in North America. Colonies are trucked all over the continent to pollenate crops for industrial food corporations. In other words, you pay a company money to truck a semi trailer full of bees to your industrial-sized farm in California for a while. Then when you’re done with them, they get shipped somewhere else.

Does this sound crazy to anyone else?

Here’s where this way of using bees to produce our food gets sticky (I had to…sorry). Shipping bees all over the place to pollenate our crops is one more way that we misread Genesis. Is this method of food production stewardship, caring for the creation on which we are dependent? Or is it dominating and controlling nature, bending it to our own purposes and intentions?