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Food in the Bible: Genesis 1:29-30

Genesis 1:29-30: Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food”; and it was so.

I noticed something in this passage that I had never seen before. The only thing given for humans and animals to eat in the creation account is plants. And then the bubble of my discovery was burst when I read Greg Boyd’s The First Fruits of the Coming Non-Violent Creation. Someone else found it first…DANG! (I’m sure greg wasn’t the first either).

Boyd says, “People often fail to notice that the only food God originally intended humans and all other creatures to eat was vegetation. The fact that humans now eat animals and many animals eat each other was not part of God’s original plan for creation. It’s rather the result of the fall.”

Greg goes on to discuss Genesis 9 after the Flood, but we’ll have to wait until we get there. For now let’s just say that it has to do with violence. It appears that God’s creation was originally intended for sentient beings not to do violence to one another. Boyd points out that this also the vision Isaiah has of the coming future perfection of God’s reign.

We already assume that creation was given by God for humanity, for our use and consumption. We have already pointed out that this is not the whole truth. Creation also existed prior to humanity and therefore we must also see ourselves as a dependent part of the whole ecosystem of creation. We now add another element to this creation theology. The only part of creation intended for food was plants. Both animals and humans were given “every green plant for food,” but animals were not given for food until Genesis 9.

More on violence and food as we go…

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  1. It is good you have noticed that Gn.1:29 has consequences in subsequent scripture. But I think you have yet to grasp the momentous significance of Gn.1:27-28… a ‘clone’, an androgynous substitute, for the good ‘God’ of Gn.1:1.

    This theme of ‘two gods’, one good, the other an evil impostor for the first, is a feature of the plot which spells nothing but trouble!

    The diet specified at 1:29 is to be for this ‘second god’… who later in the gospels turns out to be the ‘Father’ to whom Jesus prays (also identified by means of riddles as the ‘serpent’ of Genesis).

    You might like to read my book ‘Why Call Me God? : The Gospel seen with a Single Eye’ (see The implications of Gn.1:29 are discussed there, beginning on p.91.

    The ‘fruit’ eaten by Eve at the suggestion of the serpent, then the sacrifices ‘from the fruits of the earth’ brought by evil Cain, then the later tradition of the Eucharist, all have their origin at Gn.1:29.

    So, as Jean Magne points out in his book ‘From Christianity to Gnosis and from Gnosis to Christianity’, there is an equivalence in the gospels between ‘the breaking of bread’ and the fruit which is eaten by Eve. On account of what SHE fails to realise, this ‘meal’ becomes the means for HER to be deceived.

    Of course it is just a story: but many since have made this same mistake because they didn’t understand… the entire Xstian church included.

    There is more to the theme of scripture than most people know. The underlying tradition is culturally Gnostic, something the Xstian tradition has never understood.

    Essentially fiction, the theme of Genesis runs right through them – a VERY clever theme indeed.



    • That is simply not true, nor is there any information that corroborates such a viewpoint.


      • Are you referring to the post or one of the comments? You’ll have to be more specific. I find it interesting that this particular post has received such lengthy and responses. We probably treat the creation accounts like a Rorschach test revealing more about ourselves than what is actually on the page.


  2. interesting perspective. i’ll check out your website. probably won’t convert to gnosticism anytime soon, but i always appreciate hearing different views.


  3. Taken literally the food we are to eat is plants. Nowhere does it specify that we are to eat seeds which includes nuts and grains. Just simple observation of exactly what the intent of the seed is gives enough clues as to why it not intended as food. The intent behind the seed is for it to placed into the soil (much like when a person dies) so that it may sprout into a plant. When you read about Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge it clearly states that they used fig leaves to cover their genitals so one can assume (just an assumption though) is that the fruit was a fig. If you examine the inside of a fig you can see that it is impossible to take a bite of a fig without also eating a seed. Adam was a perfect being of Light in God’s image. Light is a range of frequencies. Everything has a unique resonant frequency. If you look up biophotons you can find out about current scientific research that is able to see the coherent light in living organisms which is distinct from non-living matter like rocks, dirt, etc… When two frequencies are joined that are in-sync it is said that they are coherent. When two frequencies join that are out of sync they are said to be discordant/incoherent. By taking in a frequency (the fig seed), that was not aligned with the coherent nature of God’s Light that Adam was infused with, Adam’s Light became distorted in relation to God’s Light. The story of what happened in the Garden of Eden from my viewpoint was that Adam and Eve ate of the fig tree which means they had to have consumed a seed which caused a discordant frequency to enter their perfectly coherent Light bodies and this precipitated the fall into gross matter. If you read Genesis 1:1 the first thing spoken into creation was Light and through that Light all other matter was Created both animate and inanimate. Here are a few links for you that if you view them from the perspective of Genesis will give some great clues. –

    Light –

    Biophotons –

    Frequency (read the last line of the 4th paragraph) –

    Frequency of Light –


  4. We can learn from the seed that Man-made Legal “paper” forms of bonding are meaningless.

    Only when a strong foundation is present will a plant or tree bear fruit that is not rotten. Humans are to pair and mate with those with whom they establish a strong foundation to bear viable fruit. Procreation is not a human-right, it is a privilege for those who understand they are an incarnation of their maker, created in his/her/its image, and are ONLY to bear fruit once they have found their ‘self’, then understand how to recognize a mate with which they can bear viable fruit.

    Human ego clouds most to subscribe to some magical capacity to believe with blind faith as most honorable to their creator while neglecting his/her/its image in their creation by neglecting the mental, physical, physiological, emotional, spiritual and sensual ‘self’. In this neglect and degradation his/her/its image/creation they are suspended in a myth those actions are honorable…because they belief.

    That it is okay to eat animals (a fellow creation) because they are on the “top of the food chain”.

    I’ll put my money on the lion when your gunpowder gets wet.

    It is therefore blasphemy to not acknowledge the ‘self’ as God’s intended image. We know this because the only DIRECT INSCRIPTION of HIS/HER/ITS WORD can be within the “image and likeness” creation, NOT the ink and paper opinion of another.

    To believe the path is one lined with crusades, killing, war and death as the Man-made version has it…is an ABSURDITY.

    Those who embed “chaplains” in the military and march innocent men and women off to war against innocent men and women causing innocent collateral death ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. We call them “christians”.

    Through a scripting of these persons as “Christians” the Human ego has bought into the charade, taken over and this Society exists as a figment of Man’s ego having abandoned the ‘self’.

    Pure Vanity.

    The blind, starving and meek DO NOT suffer this confusion.


    • The only way to realize that truth is to first deny yourself 100%, only then will it manifest properly, otherwise it is just pride of the flesh.


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