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The Spirituality of Food

There’s a conference this weekend in California on the Spirituality of Food. Here’s the details (HT: Allyson):

eighthg day projectWe’re learning more and more about the ways in which our eating habits impact the natural world and contribute to global warming — check out the LA Times this morning! — but the connections between food, spirituality, planet care, and economic justice go even farther. Join PCU and our partner organizations for a unique afternoon of interactive learning and action when we tie it all together.

April 26, 2:00-5:30
Resource tables and registration open at 1:30
Simple communal dinner at 5:00

North Oxnard Methodist Church
1801 Joliet Place, Oxnard, 93030

* The Spirituality of Food: Jennifer Snow, Progressive Christians Uniting
* Creating an Organic Garden: Debi Markley, Organic Gardening and Herb Society
* Permaculture: Loren Luyendyk, Santa Barbara Organics
* Earth Friendly Cuisine: Gerri French, R.D. (Registered Dietician)
* Farmworker Living Conditions: Alice Linsmeier, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice
* Farmworkers, Labor, and Pesticide Use: Dan Parziale, National Farm Worker Ministry
* Global Food Distribution and Shortages: Holly Hight, Bread for the World
RSVP requested for our food purchases; $7 donation requested. No one will be turned away! Contact Virginia Classick at or (818) 225-0410 with RSVP or questions!

via Progressive Christians Uniting

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  1. nice article, very usefull for me thanks…
    go green…


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