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The Saudia Arabia of Food

Allyson just keeps feeding me good stuff. This is a quote from Martin Walker found on Andrew Sullivan:

The United States may have been a significant part of the problem—with its annual $6 billion in subsidies to produce ethanol from corn. But the United States is also almost certain to be part of the solution because it is to food what Saudi Arabia is to oil: the swing producer that can most easily and swiftly increase the world’s food supply.

1 comment on “The Saudia Arabia of Food

  1. “Feeding me…” Ha!

    This characterization, America as the “Saudi Arabia of food,” sort of reframes the issue for me. How is our agriculture policy oppressing people? What should be done about it? Seeing it in terms of a power dynamic makes me want to apply what I’m learning about all power dynamics, namely (1) that those in power rarely surrender it of their own accord, and (2) that they tend to seek instead to expand it until they meet some other power that threatens their hedgemony.


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